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2015 Raffle information.



I want to thank everyone who purchased the $50 tickets.  Thank you for supporting Fresno Dixieland Society - Sounds of Mardi Gras.  The drawing took place at the ARIZONA CLASSIC JAZZ FESTIVAL.  A very warm thank you to Helen Daley for allowing us so much time on the main stage to hold the drawing.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at Sounds of Mardi Gras.  




The winner of the drawing was


Susan Shinn and Chris Deits


Lake Forest Park, WA. 





















Linda raffled fifty $50 tickets for a prize worth $2500 which includes the following:


Hotel Room for the Weekend

All Event Badges

Thursday Night Pre-Party Badges

Wind Down Dinner Dance

Admission to Hospitality Room

Reserved Seating at All Venues


Purchase your ticket early for

Sounds of Mardi Gras 2015.

We live in Seattle and have 3 grown children. Two are recently engaged; so,no grand babies yet.  In 1999 we attended our first traditional jazz festival - The Ragtime Rhodie Festival in Long Beach, WA.  We walked into a venue where The Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band was playing and fell in love with the band and the music.  As the years passsed, we took swing dance lessons and attended one or two more festivals each year.  Now we are both retired and enjoying travel and jazz.  This is our second year at The Fresno Sounds of Mardi Gras Festival.  Chris is a novice jammer, and especially enjoys those fetivals like Fresno where he can play music.  We both love listening and dancing.  Neither of us gamble, not even lotto tickets, so winning this raffle is a thrill!!!  We usually contribute a bit to sponsor ULJB when they are playing; and at Fresno, we buy a couple of raffle tickets as a way to help with festival costs.  Festivals provide so much entertainment for such a small purchase price, we feel compelled to help as much as we can afford.


Susan & Chris