​FDS Sounds of Mardi Gras is determined to entertain listeners and dancers alike.  No other festival provides as much opportunity to actively participate in the fun.  Bring your favorite parasol and costume so you can join in the fun.  Throw beads or catch beads.  Most of all, simply have fun and ENJOY!

Thursday Night Pre-Dance


This year the Thursday Night Pre-Dance is included when you purchase a 4-Day Badge.  Come early and enjoy the pre-party.  A little music to move the spirit with a little dancing to warm up the body.  A bit of extra time to meet up with old friends.   

Putting on the Ritz Parade Theme: Gangsters and Dolls


The elegance of the Ritz gives way to the nostalgia of the lawlessness of Gangsters and Dolls.  This is a chance to wear your favorite flapper dress or gangster outfit.  Dress to impress for the night.  Everything is more fun when you dress up.  We can see it now:  one long parade with the elegance only Gangstesr and Dolls could afford or steal.



What is Mardi Gras without a King or Queen.  Each year the Fresno Dixieland Society honors a King and/or Queen for their dedication to Traditional Jazz.  Join us in 2020 as we crown our new honorees.

Friday Swing Night: WWII Theme


Now a tradition is the Friday Night Swing Dance that has been a great success.  Older dancers welcome a new generation of young dancers who bring new enthusiasm and passion for the music we love.   Dust off that zoot suit with a "reet pleat with a drape shape."  This year, Linda brings us a WWII Theme.  This is a chance to remember those who have served our country especially in times of war but to also remember with nostalgia the music, dress and times of an era not so long ago .  Wear your old uniform or just dress in one.  Have fun and enjoy a musical tribute and dance to an era of yesteryear.   

Band Meet & Greet


The first Band Meet & Greet took place in 2015 with rave reviews from both band members and sponsors.  Enjoy a morning with your favorite musicians.  Sit and chat with musicians while enjoying a variety of delicious treats.  An event well worth the price of your generous sponsorhips.  

Parasol Parade


Always a fun parade.  Each year over 80 parasols.  Bring your fancy parasols and join in the fun.  There is nothing like a second line march with a dixieland beat playing in the background.

Masquerade and Costume Parade


 Come join in the fun.  We hope to see even more costumes and masks on parade.  Don't be shy.  Dress up.  Have fun.  All costumes are welcome.  Each year out does the previous years.  Memorable group entries have included The Cat in The Hat, The Cooks, Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars and so much more.  2019 brought us RigoMania with a dozen Tom Rigney Imitators paid homage to our favorite violin player and his style of dress.  So go on.....dress up and have some fun.

Saturday Night Mardi Gras Party


Our Saturday Night Mardi Gras Party is one of the highlights of The Sounds of Mardi Gras Festival.  Travel down to Bourbon Street and enjoy Mardi Gras to its fullest.  Catch a string of beads or throw them out yourself.  The FDS-Sounds of Mardi Gras will exceed all your expectations of what real fun is. 


The Sunday Wind Down Dinner will be held at the DoubleTree.  Your dinner will include a special raffle and admission to the Sunday Wind Down Dance which will also be at the DoubleTree.  The dinner is always a special occassion and opportunity to sit with old and new friends one last time.

Wind Down Dance


The Wind Down Dance will be at the DoubleTree.  No shuttle required.  The Wind Down Dance is included with the Wind Down Dinner.  You can attend the DANCE ONLY without the dinner for $25.

Mardi Gras Boutique

Friday & Saturday

Support Fresno Dixieland Society's Youth Program by supporting the Mardi Gras Boutique set up by Linda.  You can purchase lanyards with some bling, fans to keep you cool, beads, masks and so much more.  Hours are limited so keep an eye out for times.


Every Festival

We want everyone to have fun.  If you are a dancer, with or without a partner, we want you to have fun.  Wearing a butterfly in your hair or lapel, means you are ready to dance.  Wear a butterfly, gift a butterfly.  Dance and have fun.  Our goal is to start a tradition that spreads to all the festivals. 

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