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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a shuttle from the airport?

     Yes.  FDS will have a shuttle operating during the festival.  Call Tim 614.314-7343.  

Is there a shuttle from the train?

     Yes. FDS will have a shuttle operating during the festival.  Call Tim 614.314-7343.

Is there Uber/Lyft in Fresno?

     Yes. Both Uber & Lyft can pick you up from the Airport or AMTRAK or take you anywhere you want to go.

Is there anywhere else to eat besides the DoubleTree by Hilton?


Do you need volunteers?

     Yes.  Volunteers are always needed.  Connect to Volunteer Page and download an application if you are interested.

Who do we contact to volunteer ?

     Please connect to the Volunteer Page and download an application.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

     No age restrictions.  Only a willingness to help out.

Is there a deadline for ticket buying?

     No.  You may buy tickets at the door.

Is there a family package?

     No discounted family package is available this year.  There is a discounted price for 30 & Under and no charge for

     18 & under if accompanied by an adult.

Is there anywhere else to stay?

     Yes.  We recommend La Quinta and you will find a link on our Lodging Page.

Is there a shuttle from the La Quinta to the Fresno Hotel and Conference Center?

     Yes.  The festival shuttle will run from La Quinta to the DoubleTree by Hilton.  Please note that PRIORITY is given to B

     and Members who need to get to     their next set.  

Can we do a partial sponsor for a band ?

     Yes.  We appreciate any donations that help support a band or the festival.

Can we sponsor just one person?

     Yes.  Any support of a band member is always welcomed.

Do you take credit cards?

     Yes.  You are now able to purchase tickets online.  Please keep your receipt, bring your receipt and credit card in order

     to pickup your tickets at the festival.  We are also able to take credit or debit cards at the festival.

Is there an ATM machine at the hotel?

     Yes.  It is located right next to the registration desk.

Is there RV parking close by?

     Yes.  Limited space directly across the side street from the DoubleTree.  It is dry camping at a very reasonable fee. 

     Call THE BOAT SHOPPE at 559.443.1025 to reserve your RV space.  Contact Linda 209.534.1924 or eMail

     if you have any problems.  FDS has arranged the RV parking for your convenience and does not collect or profit from the fees paid to The Boat Shoppe.

Can I dance with Alfredo?

     Ask Linda.  LOL........


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