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La Quinta is a very short distance for a very reasonable price.  Call 559.442.1110.  Make your reservations early.

Travelodge Ad 2019.jpg

Travelodge is only a very

short walk from the festival

at a welcome price.


The DoubleTree by Hilton is the official headquarters hotel for the Sounds of Mardi Gras Festival.  You can now make your reservations directly ONLINE or PRINT RESERVATION FORM  and fax/mail/phone.  If you fax or mail your reservation, be sure to call 559.268.1000 and confirm.



It is probable that the DoubleTree Shuttle will not be running during Sounds of Mardi Gras 2022.  


The Shuttle Service runs between the DoubleTree and LaQuinta.  Please note that priority will be given to band members who have to get to their next set.  In some cases this may mean the shuttle will be full and you will have to wait for the shuttle to return to pick you up.



There are 10 RV  spaces available right across the side street from the DoubleTree.  The owner of the Boat Shoppe will provide you with all the necessary information including price.  CALL Directly:


The Boat Shoppe


2125 Ventura Ave

Fresno, CA 93721



If there are any problems, call Linda at 209.534.1924

RV Parking
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